Humans VS Humanity

Why Do We Do What We Do? Why are human beings so fickle? We latch onto things while they're hot, and when they cool off, we act as if said event never happened.  Are we loyal to anything? Or, is our loyalty only as lengthy as the latest trend? Are we really so fickle that … Continue reading Humans VS Humanity

3 Reasons Why Abstaining Is Essential To Growth

Breaking The Ties That Bind You I've just completed the second week of my two day per week fast of food and social media.  I'm really enjoying, as well as getting a lot out of this experience,  I'm learning things about myself, such as, how I have been the reason that I have not been … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Abstaining Is Essential To Growth

De-Cluttering Your Life

How I Created Some Headspace If you've been following Afrologik Vlog, you've heard me talk about how I have been getting signs from the Universe that I need to de-clutter my life, if I want to receive the guidance that I need as I follow the path to my destiny.  If you have not been … Continue reading De-Cluttering Your Life

Jealousy: A Useful Tool

Making Your Own Envy Work For You The mirror can be a far more deadly weapon than a gun or a knife. It can be dangerous because it not only shows us who we are, but also, who we are not. A lot of times our own mirror images does not add up to who … Continue reading Jealousy: A Useful Tool