Fixing Your Mind On The Things That Matter

Only Mind When It Matters Plenty of times we never accomplish our goals, or even relative happiness because we elect to keep our minds congested with futile things.  Not only is this counterproductive, but it also has an effect on those who are around you. It's important that we don't contaminate the energy that surrounds … Continue reading Fixing Your Mind On The Things That Matter


Focusing On The Good Things

A Message From Brandi Badd Ass I had decided not to post a blog today. I had become so irritated today that I couldn't write.  At first I wanted to get out for a while -- but couldn't,  so I accepted that I'd have to stay in, and I decided to work on "me" stuff … Continue reading Focusing On The Good Things

Holding Yourself Accountable

This is going to be short... No one is ever all right about anything, and no one is ever all wrong.  Instead of pointing fingers or bringing up events  from the past that you have been waiting for an opportune time to talk about, you should first hold yourself accountable for the part that YOU … Continue reading Holding Yourself Accountable

Having The Courage To Share Your Feelings

Let Them Know How You Feel One of the hardest things for humans to do is to articulate our feelings -- especially romantic feelings.  It's very understandable because we're most protective of our feelings and pride.  The mere thought of being rejected is more than we can take, so actually being rejected can cause serious … Continue reading Having The Courage To Share Your Feelings

Living Life Without Limitations

Afrologik Blog #100! As of today, since September 30th, 2019, Afrologik has posted 100 blogs! This is indeed a milestone, not only for Afrologik, but also for the for me.  I've never been consistent enough to complete anything 100 times (as I've told you, I'm a habitual quitter).  Reaching 100 blog posts is an awesome … Continue reading Living Life Without Limitations

6 Types of People That You Must Avoid

Getting Rid of Toxic People Everyone has, or has had, three or four people in their lives who really should not be there.  I sure have.  Sometimes we are very much aware that these people are toxic, yet we keep them around -- perhaps out of habit, because they have been around us for so … Continue reading 6 Types of People That You Must Avoid

The One Who Loves You The Most

It's Complicated... You always know the one who loves you the most.  The problem is that's never the one that you want to love you.  You might pass by this person everyday or stop to make small talk -- careful not to say too much because you don't want to give false hopes.  Even during … Continue reading The One Who Loves You The Most