Go Ahead, Contradict Yourself!

Changing Your Mind Is Not A Crime! I've got a strong dislike for the word "contradiction", because it's very limiting.  It lends to the idea that one must be, tomorrow, who they are today -- and thats BS! That kind of thinking (or lack thereof), leaves no room for growth.  And, when used on a … Continue reading Go Ahead, Contradict Yourself!


5 Things That You Have To Stop Doing

Stop Getting In The Way of Your Own Progress! We're all on a mission to tap into the Source, follow our cosmic design, and manifest the life that we all deserve, and live the hell out of it, right? I know that this is my mission, and it will be for as long as I … Continue reading 5 Things That You Have To Stop Doing

Being Successful On Your Own Terms

Finding Success On Your Own Terms Ever notice how the only time that most humans will give kudos to other humans, is when they are successful at doing common things? Think about it, academic accomplishments are awarded with a plethora of accolades, as are: marriages, new babies, career promotions, new businesses (depending on the business); … Continue reading Being Successful On Your Own Terms

10 Signs That It’s Time To Let Go

Stop Beating That Dead Horse! You've heard the saying, "Don't beat a dead horse", right? It simply means that beating a dead horse will have no effect on said horse -- it will remain dead.  Still, humans spend a great deal of their time mercilessly beating a carcass, perhaps, with the intent of bringing it … Continue reading 10 Signs That It’s Time To Let Go

Ask Afrologik

Things That People Ask Me Hello, my Afrolicious Stars! Since I've started "Afrologik Vlog", on the Afrologik Youtube Channel, I've invited viewers to contact me with questions of comments via email,  that they may not want to state or ask in the comments section or on the Afrologik website.  My only requirement was that all … Continue reading Ask Afrologik

The Difficult Side of Being Yourself

 You Think It's Hard To Fit In? Try NOT Fitting In... I've accepted, talked about, and have damn near bragged about being nonconformist. I've described how liberating it is to not be bound by the chains of society, peers, or even fashion. I've shared how cool it is to love who you are and do … Continue reading The Difficult Side of Being Yourself

Don’t Accept Your Own Madness!

Stop Making Excuses. Start Making Progress! I was chatting with a friend the other day, and she was telling me about some things that she has endured in her life. Things that, perhaps, shaped her into the person that she is today. Most of these things were not positive, and in turn, the negativity that … Continue reading Don’t Accept Your Own Madness!