Don’t Wait For The Right Time. Just Go For It!

The Right Time Is Always NOW! I"m sure that everyone has heard the saying "Timing is everything".  Sometimes, that's very true.  There are many times when we stumble upon great things, opportunities, and even people that we weren't expecting, just by happenstance.  As I've said in the past, like attracts like.  So, if you're giving … Continue reading Don’t Wait For The Right Time. Just Go For It!


3 Reasons Why It’s Not As Bad As It Seems

Problems Are Only As Big As You Believe They Are If you've lived long enough, I'm sure that there have been times when it seemed that the whole planet was crumbling around you, and that the current catastrophe was all your fault.  You felt as though you had no control, things were going badly, and … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why It’s Not As Bad As It Seems

Your Actions Will Define Your Character

Being True To Yourself And Others We all live in a world where ideals are divided, perhaps more than ever.  There are religious people, conscious or spiritual people, affluent and successful people, intelligent people, conservative people, liberal people, material people, funny people, angry people, gay people, straight people, people who talk about everything, people who … Continue reading Your Actions Will Define Your Character

Breaking The Routine

It's The Little Things That Count When you follow the same routine day after day, life can become very boring.  For most people, certain routines have to be followed daily, as they are conducive to their livelihood and well being.  Things like going to work, and taking care of family are unavoidable -- they have … Continue reading Breaking The Routine

How To Become Less Whack!

De-Whackifying Oneself My brother, Brandon, and I were chatting the other day, about how we really are not comfortable with giving advice to others. We both agreed that there are a lot of pros and cons attached to advising people, such as: sometimes, even good advice can be misinterpreted, and also, humans tend to become … Continue reading How To Become Less Whack!