The One Who Loves You The Most

It's Complicated... You always know the one who loves you the most.  The problem is that's never the one that you want to love you.  You might pass by this person everyday or stop to make small talk -- careful not to say too much because you don't want to give false hopes.  Even during … Continue reading The One Who Loves You The Most

Getting What You Want Out of Life

Not Settling For Good Enough How many people make lists, set goals, or dream of things that they are not confident enough to see through? Or, how many people have started projects or have worked towards a goal, only to give up when it doesn't happen fast enough, or when it begins to get in … Continue reading Getting What You Want Out of Life

6 Reasons Why Its Okay To Be Selfish

Putting Yourself First The word "selfish" is by and large a derogatory term.  It's almost always used in a negative sense.  In most cases when a person is called selfish, it's because they've done something that was beneficial to themselves without considering how it would affect others.  Yes, that is selfishness in it's most negative … Continue reading 6 Reasons Why Its Okay To Be Selfish

3 Reasons Why Abstaining Is Essential To Growth

Breaking The Ties That Bind You I've just completed the second week of my two day per week fast of food and social media.  I'm really enjoying, as well as getting a lot out of this experience,  I'm learning things about myself, such as, how I have been the reason that I have not been … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Abstaining Is Essential To Growth

Knowing When It’s Time To Leave Home

Home Is Where You Feel Your Best It has been said that "You can't go home again", "You can always come home", "Home is where the heart is", and the ever popular, "There's no place like home".  Each of those sayings have truth to them, depending on on how feel about "home". Moving On And … Continue reading Knowing When It’s Time To Leave Home

Affirmations And Mantras

Being Your Own Cheerleader Another weekend is upon us.  It has been a while since I've given my amazing readers a weekend homework assignment.  Don't worry, it shouldn't take long. And, as usual, completing this assignment will only enhance your life. We're Not Always Happy With Ourselves It's not unusual for humans to feel inadequate, … Continue reading Affirmations And Mantras

De-Cluttering Your Life

How I Created Some Headspace If you've been following Afrologik Vlog, you've heard me talk about how I have been getting signs from the Universe that I need to de-clutter my life, if I want to receive the guidance that I need as I follow the path to my destiny.  If you have not been … Continue reading De-Cluttering Your Life

Messages From The Universe

It's Not Always Coincidence   I am a believer that everything happens for a reason, and the there is a reason for everything (albeit, the reason might not be logical).  Regardless of how big or how small a thing might be, there is a reason for it -- and usually, a message for us. Most … Continue reading Messages From The Universe

Dealing With Forces That Work Against You

Maybe The Devil Didn't Do It Do you ever notice how, when you are working really hard on something that matters to you, everything that can get in your way, does.  Sometimes, it even seems as though impossible things occur only to become an obstacle in your progress.  For instance,  you're working hard at starting … Continue reading Dealing With Forces That Work Against You

Normal People VS Weird People

Normal Is Too Formal Have you ever been called: Weird, strange, eccentric, touched, odd, off, or different? If so, did you reevaluate or second guess yourself? Were you offended or hurt? Did you consider the source? Personally, I’ve been called all of those things. I’ve also been through the entire gamut of emotions about it. … Continue reading Normal People VS Weird People