Finding Out What You Truly Want

Weekend Homework We've done it again, everyone! We've made it to another weekend -- AWESOME! I hope that you all have cool plans, and for those who don't, I hope your weekend is relaxing and productive. However...You know that I have to give you all something to think about over the weekend. As always, it's … Continue reading Finding Out What You Truly Want


Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

Get Back In The Game In prior articles, I've told you that all you ever have to do, is give your best -- always. This is a requirement, and there are no shortcuts. I've also asked you to create regimens that lend to the betterment of your life, as wells as increase your mental and … Continue reading Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

What Is The Common Denominator?

Cleaning Out Your Mental Space Often in life, we come across recurring issues. Sometimes these are good issues, and sometimes, they are not. However, if we take time out to investigate the situations at hand, we might find that there are similarities in the metamorphosis of many of our dilemma’s. Once this has been discovered, … Continue reading What Is The Common Denominator?

Conversational Pet Peeves

How To Converse Effectively Ever been in a conversation where someone was speaking (usually loudly) about things that they clearly have no knowledge of? And, to make matters worse, that at no point do they have the good sense to be quiet, listen, and learn. Instead, they choose to voluntarily show themselves as ignorant. I've … Continue reading Conversational Pet Peeves

Gettin’ Yours When You’re Good And Ready

The Art of Not Jumping The Gun Okay, so, the last week was very up and down for me. Bad spirits were trying their hardest to attach themselves to me. For the most part, I stayed cool -- that wasn't easy. Valentine's Day was the worst. Not because it was Valentine's Day (I'm not melodramatic … Continue reading Gettin’ Yours When You’re Good And Ready

Never Chase ANYTHING!

That Which Is For You, Will Always Come To You Nowadays, with social media, people have displayed self-sufficiency, and independence, sometimes to the point of arrogance, and cockiness. Don't get me wrong -- I'm happy to see others doing well, and I see nothing wrong with being tactfully proud of accomplishments. I can even dig … Continue reading Never Chase ANYTHING!

Don’t Overestimate Your Personal Best

Your Best Will Fluctuate Yes, we should do our best at everything that we do, and be the best people that we can be at all times. However, don't be foolish enough to believe that your best will be at the same level with every effort. That's not always possible. Our personal bests will fluctuate. … Continue reading Don’t Overestimate Your Personal Best