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Hello. I am Brandi. Brandi Badd Ass, Wyldflow3r, those names also apply. Call me whatever you’d like. If you follow this blog, you’ll likely begin to call me many other names. You’ll see that sometimes I enjoy writing from the perspective of the “Devil’s Advocate”. Over the years I’ve been labeled with many terms that some people might feel are derogatory. Terms like: nerd, weird, weirdo, geek, and the like. I’ve never taken offense. In fact, I appreciate being labeled as such. They’re not necessarily untrue. If I were to label myself, I’d choose the word “Hippy”. I have a completely bohemian mindset and that is most comfortable for me. I am not a fan of conformity, but I am thoroughly convinced that we can all live together as diverse people if we work at it.

I am a mommy. I have been for 23 years. Three people have entered planet Earth using me as a vehicle. Although I am not a fan of “adulting” (in fact, I don’t care for adults. They’re kind of dull. What’s funny is that they don’t even know it. Lol!) I think I’ve done a pretty good job with them — one college graduate, one future college graduate, and one who is not sure yet or what he wants to do. However I know that he will be fabulous at whatever he chooses to do.

Where I’m From.


Saginaw, Michigan 

My grand entrance to planet Earth happened in Saginaw, Michigan a few moons ago. You may have never heard of that town, but it’s where Stevie Wonder was born. Both of my parents and my sister are musicians, so I have an almost disturbing love for music — it’s always playing wherever I am. If not out loud then in my head. I left Saginaw at the age of 35 and moved to Nashville, Tennessee in hopes of finding a better life. I didn’t find it but my kids did, so it was a worthwhile move. So here I sit, still in Tennessee awaiting what is next to come. Oh! And working on what’s next to come.

I’ve been married once before. It didn’t work out but my ex husband and I are still good friends. I work a forty hour work week like most do. Pay bills and all of the unavoidable adult things that I’m sure most of you have to do. In that respect, I’m very much a regular person.

Why Am I Here?


Why did I decide to start this blog? Well, the first reason is that I love to write! I’ve been through a few things and I know some stuff. It is my opinion that when you know some stuff that others can benefit from, you are obligated to share it with fellow Earthlings who may gain from it. The next reason is very personal; I suffer from depression. I believe I’ve dealt with this sickness for most of my life. I know all too well how horrible it can get and how it can completely interrupt lives and even render people dysfunctional. I know all of the tricks of internalizing it only to fall apart at inopportune times. I know what it’s like to become “zombified” by anti depressant medications and the demonic medications that have sexual side effects (as if being depressed isn’t bad enough). I know about good psychiatrists and therapists; I also know about the bad ones. I understand what it’s like to want to die. Unfortunately, I also know what it’s like to try to make that happen. I’ve traveled to every extreme with this disease and I am still here. However, I am not an expert, and I’d advise anyone who suffers with uncontrollable depression to seek professional help.

Since I have had so much experience with feeling bad, I decided that I want to make the people that I love feel good. I’ve always made myself available for my friends because I would never want any of them to feel as bad as I have felt. The universe has been reciprocal. I’ve always had people who are there for me. For that I will always be grateful.

With this blog, my intent is to share some of the stuff that I know and some of the things that have worked for me. Actually, I believe that we can go through it all and get better together (because as you’ll read, I ain’t at all together yet. Lol!). Some posts will be serious. Some will be funny. Some will be informative and not about mental health but about whatever pops into my head that I feel is worth sharing.

What you WON’T See…


When I began researching the “proper” way to blog, one thing that was constant was “a product to sell”. Well dig this: I’ve got nothing to sell! I do not have a “Master Program” that usually sells for $10,000 but I will sell it to you TODAY for $9,995. Also, I’ve never taken any master classes or programs. I promised myself that anytime I could do anything to help anyone feel better, or even just forget about whatever is going on inside or around them, I would just do it. This is not to say that there will never be an ebook to pop up for sale (because likely, that will happen). Whatever I have to share in this blog is for whomever needs it, from me. Besides, that’s the best way to honor those who have been there for me. #PAYITFORWARD

I hope that you will all enjoy this gateway into the mind of me (God help you all…lol!). Please, I encourage you to leave feedback, even criticisms. Thank you!


“A strong spirit transcends rules


Good Vibes! Good Vibes!