Practicing Patience Instead of Division

Be The Example That You’d Want To Follow

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As I look around and listen to people, I am impressed with the way that so many of us are growing and coming to the realization that we should all work together for common good and betterment of the human community.  And, that the best way to achieve this is to be the difference that we want to see, or as the saying goes, lead by example.

For the most part, I’m impressed because I know what a difficult task it can be to stay elevated and rely on mantras and visualizations that will keep your frequencies high.  Life has a tendency of happening and throwing our rhythm off with tests and challenges.  I know about this all too well, as I recently struggled with tests and challenges so harshly, that I had to scrap the whole day and start over on the next day.  Yes, it becomes difficult, but we push through anyway for the sake of the greater good.  #RightOn!

Sharing The Knowledge

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I’ve also noticed that we are starting to support each other and share knowledge amongst ourselves more.  This is awesome because we are all teachers and students at the same time.  It’s our responsibility as a human family, to look out for one another by keeping  each other informed.  Of course, not everyone is ready to receive said lessons, but that never means that one side is right while the other side is wrong.  What works for some doesn’t always work for all.  It takes some people more time and life experiences to find themselves.  Even with that being the case, it’s most important that we continue to be the result that we’d like to see.  If it’s for them, the rest will catch on when it’s their time to catch on.

Be Who You Be

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We occupy a beautifully strange, mysterious, and diverse planet that is full of possibilities.  Each direction is a good direction, as “good” is relative.  What I might consider “bad” might be great for someone else.  As long as the greater good isn’t compromised, in most cases we’re free to be free.  That freedom includes standing up for what we feel is right, activism, or simply being who we are, in spite of the rules and expectations of “them“.  I’ve noticed that more people are flexing their “me” muscles by stepping out of the shadows and into their own skin.  This still isn’t always acceptable, but lets not make “non acceptance” become a deterrent.  Humans are made of the same elements that the Universe is made of. Therefore, if the planet is beautifully strange, mysterious, and diverse, we can certainly express all of those traits.

Although society is slowly coming around, there’s still a long way to go, so don’t stop! Continue to encourage others, and be as patient with those who don’t yet get it, as you would want them to be with you. #Word

The Division

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Though I am excited to see subtle changes in attitudes, mild acceptance, and unity amongst human beings, I am also disheartened by other behaviors that have, and always will cause division between lifestyles, religions, cultures, and standards.  People who give themselves the importance of being an authority on a subject that they have perhaps given cosmetic study, or even extensive study to, only to force their opinions on those who live or believe alternately.  Usually, those opinions are administered in an insulting and condescending manner, with an air of elitism.  They’ll usually come at you with phrases that start off with something to the effect of: “Before I became…” or “Back when I used to…“.  That type of phrasing almost always denotes a superiority complex — depending on the tone and climate of the conversation — used with the intent of forcing their opinions on those who they have decided needs “fixing“.

There’s another sector of people who believe that they are militant, but actually, they’re just angry (for whatever reason), or have been introduced to something that they have taken at face value, or something that is trending.  They’ve probably read a few online articles, watched some YouTube videos, and MAYBE read a book or two on a subject.  Not only do they consider themselves scholars, but they’ve qualified themselves to distinguish, acknowledge, and inform you of what is wrong with you, and what you need to do to “fix” yourself.  In other words, how to be the kind of person that they want you to be.

Opinions Are Just Like…

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Opinions are not facts!  They merely express an individuals view of a subject.  Opinions are not rules or laws, no one is compelled to honor them, regardless of whose opinion it is.  Stand strong in your position and respect other peoples positions #KnowThyself.  This doesn’t mean that you have to accept or agree with their opinions; it means that you should respect the fact that they have a right to their opinions.  It doesn’t happen very much anymore, but there was a time when I would often find myself backed into that corner.  And just like a cornered animal, I’d become defensive — which is exactly what a self righteous person wants.  As time passed, I learned to listen instead of react.  Every situation and conversation is an opportunity to learn, and everyone can learn from everyone.  Listening doesn’t mean that we have to agree.  Listen to understand.  Even if you don’t agree with a persons opinions and philosophies, by listening to what they have to say, you could gain understanding of why they feel the way they do.  Understanding before judgement could eradicate social division. If this can be accomplished, perhaps we will become more patient with each other.

Check Yourself

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Before becoming self righteous and arrogant with those that you assume are not as enlightened as you are, remember that you were not born with the knowledge that you now carry. Most likely, you didn’t accept your current lifestyle or belief system at a glance.  It took convincing from others, time, and personal experiences.  You might have even contested it.  It took time for you become the person that you are at this moment — and you’re not yet finished.  As you continue to live, you’ll change your mind about some things and you’ll see others things differently — so you’re not perfect in your judgements.  Just as it took time and convincing for you to evolve, it will take the same for others to evolve.  You shouldn’t give yourself the importance of converting people into your lifestyle or belief system.  Instead, be the result that you that you expect others to reach.  Accept that not everyone is going to follow you, and those who don’t are not bad people for taking a different path.  If we all practice patience with each other, our beautifully strange, mysterious, and diverse planet will become a more pleasant place. #RighOn!

“One of the most important actions, things a leader can do, is to lead by example. If you want everyone else to be passionate, committed, dedicated, and motivated, you go first!”

~Marshall Goldsmith


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