Untitled (Hegemonic Love)

That Love…

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That love that you think you want.  You’ve created its perfect image in your mind.  You know what it is, but you’re not quite sure of where it is.  But you know that it exists.  It has to.

That love that does not aggravate, irritate, discriminate, or confuse.  It doesn’t make you question yourself or make you feel like you’re not beautiful, smart, talented, rich, fit, or well bred enough.  That love that does not put you down and use you up.  That love that knows and celebrates who you are, and knows that the best is yet to come.

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That love that encourages and supports you, and is always confident that you are capable of all of the greatness that you aspire to.  That love that makes you stronger and is there for you when you’re feeling down and vulnerable.  That love that gives you space, yet is never too far away.

That love that has love for you even when you don’t have it’s full attention.

That love that is spiritual, mental, sensual, deep, and intimate.

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That love that misses you when its not there, but finds comfort in knowing that even in absentia, that love and you will sleep underneath the same moon and the same stars.

That love that will praise you when you do well (because it knew that you would), instead of being envious.  That love that will be honest with you, even when you make bad decisions (because that love has high, yet realistic expectations of you).  That love that will help you rebuild, regroup, and reinvent yourself as many times as necessary — even though it loves you the way you are — it supports your evolution.

That love that is never jealous or insecure, and will never try to change you or cage you.  Instead, that love will encourage you to fly high.

That love that believes that you will do whats best.

That love that can see, as well as bring out the best in you.

That love that makes you want to be better and do better.

That love that loves you.

That love is you.

Be What You Want To Attract.



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