Breaking The Routine

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When you follow the same routine day after day, life can become very boring.  For most people, certain routines have to be followed daily, as they are conducive to their livelihood and well being.  Things like going to work, and taking care of family are unavoidable — they have to be done.  Still, life becomes monotonous when each day is just more of the same.  The good news is that there a subtle things that you can do to break the monotony, and get a different perspective on the little things that can make your life POP, even if only for a few moments, You may even find ways to create new habits.

Break The Monotony!

– Change Your Hairdo

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A new hairdo can change the way that you see, and feel about yourself.  Changing your appearance can change your attitude, and,  a new attitude can change the direction of your day.  It’s not necessarily a giant step, but then again… it might be.  A great way to break a plateau is to change that way that you see yourself.  Try a different color, style, or cut.  Step outside of yourself and shake things up a bit.

– Add Some Color To Your Life

Image result for Afro Paintings colors

I love colors! In fact, most of the time, my clothes don’t match (especially, my socks), and that is not an accident — I prefer it that way.  Bright colors can change the climate of your mood or attitude.  I’m not suggesting that you have a “mixed-matched” day (unless you are comfortable with that.  I am), but perhaps, wear colors that you wouldn’t normally wear.  Try different patterns and textures.  This might sound shallow, but it is a change from what is usual for you.  The looks and remarks that you’ll receive from others could be interesting. Be bold. You can do it!


-Reroute Your DayImage result for Afro Paintings Driving Car

Most humans take the same path to and from work each day.  BeforeI started working from home, I was also guilty of this.  That 50 mile trek to work each morning, and the 50 mile journey home each night, made the day seem so much longer.  Monday through Friday, I’d see the same things on the way from work that I saw on the way to work. And, in between those trips, I’d sit at a desk for eight hours, performing the same tasks.  It was a long, dull, boring life.

Taking a different route to work is a good way to break your routine, even if the alternate route is longer.  Seeing new things and discovering new places that you may not have even known existed, can relieve you of some of the stress that you’ve endured for the last several hours. Being in a different environment can be quite calming.

-Change StationsImage result for Afro Paintings music

I love music.  Wherever I am, and whatever I’m doing, music is playing (even if only in my head).  Although I have thousands of songs downloaded to several devices, and not to mention, a fairly decent sized collection of vinyl records, I sometimes get tired of hearing the same songs. I’m certain that many humans listen to the same stations and/or channels, and watch the same television shows night after night, and week after week.  This can make life as dull as a butterknife.

Try a different genre, or try an artist that you wouldn’t usually choose to listen to.  You could find out that you’ve been missing out on some great tunes.  A couple of years ago, I opened Apple Music, and search for Todd Rundgren — for no reason — I’ve been a fan ever since that day.

If you’re watching the same television shows, routinely, you should take advantage of streaming services that offer a variety of TV shows, and movies.  Or, check out “On Demand“.  Try something new, or try something old.  Either way, experiencing something different can change the way you see or think about things, as well as give you something new to talk about.

Little Things Can Make A Difference

Image result for Afro Paintings Little things

Those are a few examples of little things that you can do to break your regular routine, and spice things up a little.  Small changes can inspire bigger changes — but you have to start somewhere.  Shock your system and break the plateau! Be inspired and make your life interesting, one step at a time.

“If I feel like things are getting into a routine, I want them to be different. I need to keep improving and keep moving forward.”

~Joe Bonamassa


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