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Hello, my Afrolicious Stars! Since I’ve started “Afrologik Vlog“, on the Afrologik Youtube Channel, I’ve invited viewers to contact me with questions of comments via email,  that they may not want to state or ask in the comments section or on the Afrologik website.  My only requirement was that all questions and/or comments be kept clean.  Thus far, that requirement has been honored. I am very grateful for that, as well as the questions and comments that I have gotten.  Thank you!

For this article, I’ve decided that it might be fun to address and answer some of the questions that I’ve been asked. So, here goes…

Losing Focus

“Brandi Badd Ass,

I am having trouble staying focused on certain things.  I used to be able to do it easy, but now I just can’t. Why did that happen, and how can I fix it?”

Don’t sweat it.  At one time or another, it happens to everyone (in fact, it once happened to me for over 10 years.  Now and then, it still does.) Usually it’s the result of life getting in the way — you know: job, family, bills, and the like.  When those elements begin to pile up on us, it becomes very easy to lose focus of who we are and what we are cosmically designed to do or be.

The perception that the people in our lives have of us (or perhaps, what we perceive is their perception of us) can also us from staying on course and focused on our intended goals.  Because of that, you may find yourself playing a role, and that can become tiring.  With those issues in play, it doesn’t take long to choose to retreat and rely on your current comfort zone. Not only is that counterproductive, but it can also be hell on your self esteem.

When you reach a plateau, you have to be vigilant in breaking the cycle, as before long, you’ll become accepting of it.  Do something shocking, exciting, and new. This will remind you that you are alive and vital.  Find an event or exercise that you have always been interested in, and ROCK IT! Snap yourself out of the conformity that that you have invented for yourself. I’m not suggesting that you negate your responsibilities,  but instead, rearrange your time to include space for you to rediscover, or reinvent, yourself. 

If it is the perception of others that’s causing you to deny yourself of focusing on you and the things that you would like to accomplish, then frankly, FUDGE THEM! They can’t live or die for you.  Apparently, they cannot (or you don’t believe that they can) make you happy and encouraged. Your happiness is your obligation — no one else’s.  You can still be there for the people that you love, just don’t let anyone consume you.

I wish you well, and I am confident that you will regain focus.

What Do You Call Us?

“BABs (that’s what I call you), do you have a nickname for us readers and viewers? If so, what is it?” 

YES! I DO! I call you all my Afrolicious Stars! (Maybe I should incorporate that into my Vlog.)  Thank you for the question, and the idea!

Is Blogging Hard?

“Is it hard to make a blog?”

Sometimes, yup! At times I run out of ideas, or feel like I’m telling the same stories over, and over again.  No one wants to become the Tyler Perry of the blog world. (No disrespect, Mr. Perry.  You’re entertaining, but a little redundant.) (Editor Note: A little redundant?? And, Madea is a little bossy.)  I love writing and helping people, so I fight through it and keep it moving.

What Inspires Afrologik?

“What inspires you to write?”

Life. Possibilities. My kids.  Knowing that the Universe is awesome and infinite.  I’m inspired by the greatness that is to come, as I continue on the path of my cosmic destiny.  It’s the greatest feeling ever! 

My Favorite!

Of all of the emails that I’ve gotten, my favorite is one that simply said:“Never. Stop. Writing.”

Thank you.  I won’t.

Ask Afrologik

Come on through with the questions and comments! Hit me up at: And subscribe to Afrologik’s YouTube channel, by clicking here.

We appreciate you all, my Afrolicious Stars!

Brandi Badd Ass and Dav (Afrologik editor)

“One who never asks either knows everything or nothing”

~Malcolm Forbes





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    If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.

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