Finding Out What You Truly Want

Weekend Homework

We’ve done it again, everyone! We’ve made it to another weekend — AWESOME! I hope that you all have cool plans, and for those who don’t, I hope your weekend is relaxing and productive.


You know that I have to give you all something to think about over the weekend. As always, it’s going to be things that can only make you a better person, and utilize your energy in good ways, as you begin to learn (as well as follow), your cosmic design. I hope that you will take a little of your time to ponder these things. Besides, I haven’t lead you wrong thus far, have I?

The Questions

Are you happy with where you are in life? If you were to find out that you have only six hours to live, would you feel that you’ve had a great life? Or, would you feel as though you hadn’t accomplished much?

If you are happy with your life in its current state, GOOD FOR YOU! Be proud to be amongst the minority of people on this planet who truly feel that way about their lives. KUDOS! But, don’t stop just because you’re happy. Keep reaching, and keep looking ahead. As long as you continue to draw air, you’re not done.

If you aren’t truly happy with your life, ask yourself why. What’s missing? What would it take for you to achieve personal happiness?

Why Do People Stay In Situations That Are Unhappy?

FEAR! Fear, is the number one reason that people never fully realize their potential or take chances on doing things that they desire to do, and judge those who are daring enough to go for it. Fear of failure (especially public failure), worrying about what others will say, and fear of losing and starting over, keep many people from being great. They would rather become acclimated to being miserable and bored, than to follow their spirit — which will only lead them to happiness within.

Be Smart

I’m not (necessarily) suggesting that you grab the bull by the horns without a plan (after all, a bull will kill you). Definitely, devise a plan. Take it from me, if you devise a plan, and then ACTIVELY work on it everyday — that alone will bring you a measure of happiness. That feeling will only increase as parts of your plan comes into fruition. It’s one of the best feelings ever — to see yourself move closer and closer to your goal.

The reason that I said, “I’m not necessarily suggesting…” is because acting on impulse works for some people. If you are one of those people — GO FOR IT! Honestly, I think that’s the best way to release your apprehensions. Throw yourself into the water, and either swim or sink. The only thing that is permanent in this life…is death. As long as you are alive, you can take what you learned from one “failure” and apply it to the next challenge. But, are you really alive, if you’re not living?

Get Those Damned “They’s” Out of Your Head, And Out of Your Face

YES! WE GET IT! You weren’t raised to do certain things, or be a certain way. I can dig that, neither was I. However, if you’re not happy after applying those values and ideas to your life right now, maybe their way isn’t working anymore. But, don’t throw those ideas and values away.

“Nothing learned is ever wasted.”

~Esther Gordy-Edwards

Although everything that you’ve ever learned is useful, you don’t have to use said knowledge all at once. Apply it appropriately. Your upbringing and the things that you have been conditioned to do and/or believe, has purpose in your life. Perhaps, they’ve kept you alive. But, if those things are preventing you from living and experiencing things that make you happy, you have to put those people and ideas in your back pocket.

Don’t Try To Make Too Much Sense Of It

I know a million people who heavily rely on common sense and logic. I have a saying about that. I made it while I was in my 20’s: “Common sense is for common folks. I ain’t common”. As usual, I must make something clear: I am not against the use of common sense and logic. They undoubtedly have their place. However, I also feel that it’s over-applied. If you’ve based all of the decisions in your life on common sense and logic, it’s probably been a dull life (although “dull” is relative). It’s also likely that you’ve “thought” yourself out of doing things that you really wanted to do — perhaps, several times. Sometimes, you have to act on impulse, and do what others might call “stupid shit“. You only get to live this life once. #YOLO.

“Scientists today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.”

~Nikola Tesla

Homework Assignment

So, this is your weekend homework — ask yourself if you’re happy and fulfilled. If you’re not, find out why. Don’t be afraid of challenges. Not all of them are bad. You deserve to live in this world, not merely exist in it.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life — to be happy — its all that matters”

~Audrey Hepburn

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